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Friends of Youngstown, Inc. is a newly formed non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the community of Youngstown in their efforts to revitalize, improve and ensure long term sustainability. Our focus is on promoting active lifestyles, preserving the historical significance, and environmental efforts to ensure a healthy and thriving community for generations to come.

What We Do

We will work towards our mission by engaging with the Youngstown community members, local businesses and government officials to align with their areas of improvement.  We will focus on developing effective fund raising solutions for key efforts. 


Today, our village does not have access to several major state, federal or private grants and is not able to host fund raising events.  We are here to fill this gap.

Our initial focus is to promote active lifestyles by working with the Youngstown Recreation Commission. 

FOY will:

    1.   Act as the community mechanism for project fundraising and donations

    2.  Stimulate community interest & involvement

    3.  Ensure all funded projects are delivered according to key metrics

    4.  Meet all state and federal requirements of a non-profit organization

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